Each Mind Is A World   2 comments

Each Mind Is a World                                                                      Cada Cabeza Es un Mundo

Each mind is a world                                                                     Cada Cabeza es un mundo

routing smooth slick trout                                                         recorriendo trucha suave y lisa

their bellies sweet                                                                   sus barrigas dulces y de color de rosa

and pink as tender rose petals                                                como tiernos petalos de una rosa

A world with gardens of thoughts                                      Un mundo con jardines de los pensamientos

and orchards of muse                                                               y huertos de la musa

with shapes like fruit                                                               con formas como la fruta

from clouds of sun and rain                                                  de las nubes de lluvia y el sol

Each mind a world of rabbit tricks                                    Cada mente un mundo de trucos de conejo

disappearing acts                                                                       actos de desaparicion

hidden springs of salty water                                                fuentes ocultas de agua salada

alive with organisms     each a world                                  vivas de organismos   cada uno un mundo

in a world     in a world                                                                en un mundo     en un mundo en

It is pockets of rocks                                                                 son bolsillos de piedras

and silky dendrites curling                                                     y las dendritas de seda rizado

like ivy on stone                                                                           como la hiedra en las roca

Each mind    a mind                                                                  Cada mente    una mente

a world    a world                                                                       un mundo    un mundo

with rhythm                                                                                 con el ritmo

a rhythm                                                                                           un ritmo

from a drum                                                                                 de un tambor

from a drum                                                                                   de un tambor

deep inside                                                                                  en lo mas profundo


Posted August 15, 2010 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Poetry of Mary Strong Jackson

2 responses to “Each Mind Is A World

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  1. porque escribes tu poesía en español? creo que es muy linda


    • Hi Dave,

      I heard a Hispanic woman say, “Each head is a world,” and I loved the Spanish phrase and the image that came to my mind, so I wrote the poem and wanted to give credit so had the woman translate the poem in Spanish. I understand the first part of your comment, but what does the second part say?


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