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This is How Dark Begins

the yips become a solid cry

in the places of the mind where coyotes

fill crevices with night

hardly worth mentioning

when there’s an elephant in the room

a whole shrinking elephant

I turn     knock over a lamp

no one wants excuses about a spirit feeling raw

or a tender branch crushed against a wall

even if it means the discovery of the color of a soul

or a glove found on the way

the one mother wore when she drove me to school

smoking Camels on the way

I curve my trunk like smoke around the lamp

but can I return it upright on the table without

another knock in the dark and the raising

of a welt like a birthmark

reminding of how much time I have to smooth the world

what you do is unimportant

but it’s vitally important that you do it

still the coyotes call

and this is how dark begins to win

closing spots of light

a disappearing lighthouse

until every lonely sound sounds

a picture slips off its nail

a cough no one hears

a name whispered into the air

yet still and yet     I wait

for surprise

for more light

Mary Strong Jackson

March 23, 2010


Posted August 15, 2010 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Poetry of Mary Strong Jackson

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