Dad poem/All is past   4 comments

I wrote poems about my father

until there was no more to say

like repeating a word over an over

they lost their meaning they lost their fire

and became the past

not the past that was present in my head

but the past that need not present itself in my head


4 responses to “Dad poem/All is past

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  1. Hi Mary.
    “Dad poem” touched me this morning. Pat and I had a conversation similar to this poem about 6 AM today. I, again, dreamed of horses and living on my home ranch from childhood. I awake feeling different than I used to….not sad, but almost relieved…maybe I’ve dreamed AND written about the past and its losses enough. Maybe it’s finally enough and it just “is” now. hmm…


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and for your words about the poem. I’m trying to be just “here” now, but I keep wanting to know exactly how dad’s next days, months, year will be.

    It is a relief to let go, but man the getting there is not always easy.


  3. Mary – – I feel at home with your site. I miss being you and this will help. Way to give yourself permission to write and then do it.



  4. with – – oops I mean—I miss being with you and these postings will help.


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