Washes of Sound   3 comments

in the yawn of a silent roar

the cat’s teeth show sharp

his silent stretches reach

across a butter-colored rug

he hears the lap lap lap

of her body sliding into the tub

she asks him how he is

he meows his answer

the room

quiet as butter across bread

quiet as the sugar

that melts in the tea at tub’s edge

she thinks of  pretend tea parties

sitting at the bottom of the pool

quiet in the noise of childhood

passing cups       pouring tea

until breath runs out and small bodies emerge

and discuss who pours next and if sandwiches

or cake will be shared below water

after a swim

her mother spread butter on bread

brushing sounds in color washes

her voice

like the sound of water lapping

safe as the yawn of a cat


3 responses to “Washes of Sound

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  1. love love. in the yawn of a silent roar.


  2. Thanks, Janell!


  3. words flow into images


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