Mango Magic 2011   3 comments

a tree rings another season
  ice cores record years
clocks tell us our time
     and an old man chooses a mango
he chooses one with the most sun on its skin
he places the mango onto the palm
  of a woman’s hand
fingers curl around the colors of fruit

   they make love in the passing of mangoes
       one mango          then another
  there is no rush
their spotted hands seem painted
with a skin-colored wash
in hues of blues and pinks
         sunsets steal the softness to ease
days into night
      soon his breath   her breath
will pause  once too long

they will settle into the soil     just two rich seeds
a fruit tree will grow
and a hand will reach for the mango
with the most sun
still on the skin

Mary Strong Jackson

January 1, 2011


Posted January 1, 2011 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Poetry of Mary Strong Jackson

3 responses to “Mango Magic 2011

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  1. Beautiful! Sensual!


  2. I liked the repeat of the most sun mango in the first version?


    • Yes, the repeat might be better. The first version first stanza seemed clunky to me. I’ve changed this poem so many times. I’m not sure what I should have left and what I’ve changed. Thanks for commenting.


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