Catch 22, life is a joke played on all the unsuspecting, babies, etc   3 comments

Because it’s a joke that life plays to keep us humble. Just the thing we trust we did well spins around like the devil’s head in the Exorcist and spits green slime on us and does it with a smile. Sort of like the point of having children must be to keep us humble and we have not one child but two or three, because they advertise sweetness in their breath and chubby rolls and irresistible laughter, and for the first few years they cannot wait to see you even when just waking from a nap, and you feel the same way towards them(still do). They want YOU. Then their lessons begin as when your pre-school age child says something in class about the only black kid in her group and you are mortified, (of course another mother heard and must tell you). You’ve prided yourself on lack of biases, delight in differences, and talked about this subject with this little daughter, about everyone being equal and if you’d just kept your mouth shut, your child would have been her usual egalitarian self.

And so you learn your lessons and begin to feel smug that you know that the world is unexplainable, and the more you know that you don’t know the wiser you are. See what a Catch 22 that is, because as soon as you think you are wiser while thinking you know nothing and feeling wise about that, you get knocked back in place. And the funny thing is that it doesn’t just happen at 25 or 35 or 45, but also at 53 and 54. It ain’t gonna stop.

Smog clears a bit here and there; you glean bits of understanding about yourself. No matter if your intentions were good, they cannot help but be outlined in self-preservation or what you think are your own needs of self-preservation, you make mistakes or what others point out to you as mistakes, and then the doubt increases and you wonder if you’ve really screwed things up, but also know that if you don’t follow drives, desires, instincts, you either get sick, depressed, mean, or, at the least, become an undeserving martyr, but this could all be wrong because if you think you have one thing figured out – look out.


Posted February 1, 2011 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Have a Chair

3 responses to “Catch 22, life is a joke played on all the unsuspecting, babies, etc

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  1. Yes!!! you see the joke! Wonderful!!!
    After all, we are but piles of slime. Heil! Life!


  2. Or as Pete Seegar Quoted Peanuts; Linus to Charlie Brown:
    “I feel sorry for little babies”. “When a little baby is born into this cold world, he’s confused! He’s frightened!.”
    “He needs something to cheer him up..”
    “The way I see it as soon as a baby is born, he should be issued a banjo!”


  3. Ahh, an answer that makes sense. Yes, all babies should be issued a banjo!


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