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Here’s my answer to writer’s block. My never ending poem that can last the rest of my life if I want. Forever added to or being changed like Leaves of Grass. Not as good, but fun.

The Never Ending Poem
of The Poets of Everything

The poet of time
must waste it
a requirement of the job
to loll lounge languish
until the mind seeks images
of hide-and-go-seek playing
seven-year olds whose cheeks
smell of October at 5PM
or the feel of a pregnant cat’s belly
and the delicious time lost at Ralph’s Jumble Shop
where ten cents drove you crazy
with so many ways to spend it

The poet of bedclothes
uses cotton and down covers
and writes what heaven feels like in the blank stare of night
as icicles hang on eaves worried about tomorrow’s slips
all the while mocked by muffin-heads
with cozy grins and ruffled hair speaking night language poetry
about heaven being a warm bed

The poet of sex
puts his lips here and there
wraps limbs across limbs till the tangle
tingles all lines of communication
an ear here welcomes a tongue there
in efforts of ahhh almost alliteration
nibbles on a shoulder
the underarm’s dips and slopes shape under the palm
fingers finds spaces between toes
eyelashes flutter across a nipple
and the small of the back sighs

The poet of housewives
writes of the reach behind toilets
the swipe of rags
the shine on counter
the shine of apples in grandmother’s basket
the spin of kitchen dancing
cheek-to-cheek with baby one, two, and three
the corners and cracks of blackened casseroles
she knows the gods of the oven, vacuums,
and lawn mowers
she wanders outside
to the poet of thyme
whose hand is deep in loam
placing seeds in tiny wombs

they wait for the Poet of rain
to drip, slip, spit, pound,
hail, drizzle as Pollack-like painters do
to see the dampened wooden fence
take on new shades
and flower petals hold drops
for thirsty robins
after they’ve swallowed fat worms whole
who only came up to feel the rain
but isn’t that how it goes

Stay tuned for poets of worms and poets of coffee and poets of…


Posted February 19, 2011 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Poetry of Mary Strong Jackson

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