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three little girls
with chin-length 1930s haircuts
sit under a tree at a small table

their mama snapped this tea-party
most likely it was sweetness
not posterity on her mind

no doubt Amy got bossy seconds later
Ruth and Carol rolled their eyes
and turned to mud-pie tasks or baby dolls

I know their lives
if one can know another’s life
the good parts
the hard

put one foot in front of the other is what they did

the odd son
taunted at school until his mother
eyes crazed and hair loose
screamed-out     no words came
psychological break? – aka heartbreak

one foot in front of the other

one married in the priest’s house to a non-Catholic
in two weeks she knew He’s not who I thought
60 years later still married he does not attend
her dying hours    but wept at the table in their home
while he waited           till death do they part

one watched her husband die twenty years too soon

in their last breaths
did the sisters see their mama
snapping the photo
did they see each other at the tea-party table
where lilacs flavored their small cups

three little girls
with sister-haircuts
wearing cotton dresses made by mama

Mary Strong Jackson


Posted February 22, 2011 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Poetry of Mary Strong Jackson

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