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Two days ago after I began feeling somewhat settled with everything unpacked, Ed said, “I’m thinking we should do the floor now.” My entire body rebelled at the idea of moving all the furniture and stuff that I’d just gotten into place back out again so we could stain and seal the floors. I wanted the floors done, but this again felt never-ending like we are stuck in the Twilight Zone. When we packed the house and studio in Scottsbluff, Ed kept finding things and finding things that he wanted to take with him that looked to me like they could very well stay right where they were.  But with a night’s sleep, I was ready.  Having a garage door in my living room has again proved to be quite convenient and we moved everything the next afternoon and evening except the big items which were easily placed outside through the big door the next morning. I’m probably projecting, but the dogs look at us like we are crazy every time we start moving furniture again. “Crazy humans! Why don’t they just lie on the couch and watch TV like they used to.”

I drove the dogs to spend the day with a lovely woman who does dog day care in Eldorado and after getting lost as is usual for me and which added to Tucker’s sense of panic at being in the car too long, we made it to Laura’s home and her eight acres. The dogs immediately began sniffing and peeing on every plant in sight. When I got back, Ed was cleaning the edges of the floor around the doors and corners, then we swept several times and put on our ventilator spraying masks to apply the muriatic acid, after that we mopped the floors four times and then had some fun smearing powdered colors of burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and various other red, oranges, and black onto the floor to add some interesting mottling and depth to the floor before we sprayed on the stain and sealer. Our friend and artist Becky Deem came over to help spread some color. We laughed at some of our attempts and debated what worked best in our practice spots.

The finished floor looks much more inviting than the gray cement. Aahh! Exhausted but the satisfaction makes it worth the effort.

I cleaned up and drove out to pick up my puppies. Laura said Brando missed us the most and looked for us and whined a little as he waited, but they had a good day and were dog-tired when we got them home. Laura’s 18-year-old daughter bonded with Brando and told me that he is the most beautiful dog she’s ever seen. I agree. He’s not only beautiful, he’s interesting and wise and loyal etc. etc.  Tucker decided she’d rather stay with her new friends than ride in the car, but once home, she was happily carrying her football around waiting for someone to play with her.

We are making this space a home! And once I have banana bread in the oven, it will really feel and smell like home. I feel my mom is here cheering me on. She moved so many times before settling for a good many years in Bridgeport, Nebraska, and she welcomed new places even though the situations were not easy. Thanks to all the brave, inquisitive women I know – the ones who stay in one place and the ones who move about!


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