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Fire at Unit J. No one hurt. Now it seems that every other word I hear has some connotation of heat or fire. Fire ant bit me yesterday. Fires surround us here in New Mexico.

It rained hard today, finally, like hard tears held back too long with only a half hour to fall. The large splattering drops hit the windshield and continued for a while, not long enough for thirsty dry ground or skin hot from fires.

When I was little, I spent hours sweeping, clearing, building forts or remodeling old sheds. I loved the planning and the work of creating a space of my own. Today when I decided to make Unit J better after the fire and before repairs, because we need some order, I realized that I’d spent my childhood moving things around to build the next better fort. Like the day I saw those wooden crates stacked behind the Safeway store and hauled them home a few at a time to my house across the street. They made the nicest two walls outside my house where I placed them using two walls of my family’s house to make a four-wall enclosure. Then just when I was ready to design the inside of my new place, Safeway called my mother and said that I must return all the crates. Practice, I’ve been practicing for this fort building and re-building my whole life, so fire or not, I’ve got a job to do here along with my other favorite practice-jobs of childhood, which involved creating speeches to present to the city dog catcher (small town cop) about his appalling behavior. I practiced the speeches on my big black Labrador, T-Bone, who never criticized a word’s placement or selection while we sat outside pretending to fish the mud holes. Justice, dogs, words, and building forts that’s what I loved then and still do.

What seems a cyclic redundancy error (computer message on my screen) of moving problems etc. ad nauseam is just a full circle experience like beginning my after college work life as a rehabilitation worker for adults with mental illness and now I’ll be doing that job again in Santa Fe. It’s all poetry – connecting circles with words inside  – bits of life spelled out in images.


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