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Two-Year-Old at the Festival


as if bubbles cover the ground

the way seeing a flock of bluebirds

lightens a path

so Astrid at the festival

in her green puffy dress

lifts the heat from the day


            Farmer’s Market

a dark brew and just the right bit of cream

colors my coffee smooth

an egg, potato, and green chile burrito

notes from cello, horn, guitar

float into the air

all who pass swallow music

inhale, exhale, their heels lift higher

some stop, move their shoulders, heads and hips

a toddler opens her mouth like a bird

accepts the bit of sweet bread her father places in her mouth

will she ever trust like this again

another teases his tired two year old

into buying connecting carrots that look like legs and hips

and dance to the music

makes a tiny tot grin

despite efforts to hold his pout

a wife reminds her old husband

that there is a step down just ahead

so many steps ahead so many steps behind

but for now just an old woman watching an old man

in this morning’s kindness

woven into the  air

making a cushion of time


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