Entries and Exits   2 comments

Entries and Exits

She writes of winter in summer
of ice hanging in glassy spears
while sweat fevers her brow
makes skin slide and stick
in an unwelcome rhythm

when prisoner of a desk and chair
she pens her longing of the road
in curves and segues to canyons
where erosion etches rock walls
in ways Picasso and Pollack
dreamed but never remembered

she writes of warm bread
slathered with butter
while her stomach aches for food

and when she’s as blue as a New Mexico sky
a few fat clouds hanging low enough to make her weep
she writes of kitchen dancing
brothers who let her grasp the tail of their shirts
of racing her yellow dog in the town lake
the scent of her freshly washed newborn
she writes all the colors that green can be

how happiness enters and exits
exits and enters

Mary Strong Jackson


2 responses to “Entries and Exits

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  1. I love this poem. I feel like your words are speaking for me. Becky


  2. Thanks for reading the blog. Much to be grateful for counting you.


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