Doorways   Leave a comment

As long as you are not aware
of the continual law of die and be again,
you are merely a vague guest on this earth.


she wonders of the evolution
of the giant Saturniid moth
born with closed mouth

born to mate and die
like words and paper
lit with fire or lust dropped down
the dark doorway of time
lasting only until the flame goes out

like dreams
 we find ourselves there in the middle of the story
 your father’s face becomes your brothers
 another replaces another
 one story one long shared memory

in the middle of the dream
 a fish walks through a doorway
 writing begins again
 a woman considers
 the doorways of her life
 the impossible returns

                      Mary Strong Jackson, December 26, 2011

Posted January 16, 2012 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Uncategorized

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