Waiting, Eternal Return, Nietzsche, art, dogs, words   Leave a comment


as I wait for water to boil
dogs everywhere
use back legs to scratch their ears

in every country
while I wait
sons and daughters cry out for the first time
and mothers’ answer in tears

still I wait
the moon wanes
a fish is thrown back to a previous time
to grow bigger to be caught again

while I wait
a writer finds a word
to build an image like the sculptor
showing time through a window’s memory

while waiting for water to boil
the postman in a film
speaks lines of eternal return

a shy person wishes she had spoken
another wishes he hadn’t

while at the stove waiting for water to boil
a woman remembers her mother saying
if wishes were horses beggars would ride
and her father’s return was always
if wishes were pancakes they’d eat till they died

Mary Strong Jackson

Scuptural references:
“Window Memory”
b y artist R. Edward Lowe.


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