Anatomy of Light   Leave a comment

shifts of light            of being

occur in this life
as if like the raven
a bird’s eye view opens on an ocean of earth
a place with deep underwaters
where black sea creatures make light
using a cell from their own body
it’s what we must do isn’t it

make light from our own being?

a silent quake
moves pieces
concave parts settle in places
one doesn’t know exist
fills convex shapes that have waited
years for the match

this shift
has no words to say “I am different”
like a baby bird waking and remembering
that she flew on her own yesterday

years later
another bird’s eye view
this time it isn’t about creatures but the waves
they ride and the water that rises and dips bringing pieces of the present hooked with the past

memories of eyes so green they startled
sounds of feet tapping and shuffling around you
made the music heard only a few times in a life

a life shaped with an innocence beyond control

Mary Strong Jackson


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