She Carries   Leave a comment

She considers putting down the light,

pulling a blanket of bark over her face

easing into that good night

but she carries on. To carry means to live.

A million eggs she carried in her tiny womb purse,

above her womb, a leather bag of heart she fills, carries.


She lifts with her back, she lifts with her legs, she carries

sums and subtractions. She lifts them to the light

until need and doubt shape and purse

her lips, bag her eyes, and rope the muscles in her face.

Knots on knots to untie, iron, square this life

into the orange-blue sunset on tap for such nights.


She carries the man asleep on the sofa into the night.

She learned young to haul and pull, tote and carry.

It’s what women do, bring others to life,

seek darkness to poke holes where light

finds a way so all know which way to face

for the most sun and what to pack in each day’s purse.


One purse carries every-occasion tools, another purse

tissues of grief. For blood-red styles on cool nights,

she chooses wine with kangaroo bodies and kangaroo faces,

and in her pouch’s darkest caves she carries

White Clay, Nebraska passed out in the light

and Juarez, Mexico’s tiny hands begging to live.


Some days she longs to carry nothing, to live

without the weight of a raindrop on her purse

to live without a purse, carry only a headlight

used to spill a stream of light in the blackest night

but no matter, she would find a snail to carry,

to nurture, to ask if too much light shone in its little face.


If carrying one’s home on the back strains the face,

if a knowing hook for your coat doesn’t make a life,

she considers dropping house and all she carries

taking only what she pours into her purse

sliding away with a small light into the night

leaving all that scurry in her lightbeam.


Her heavy purse spills into the laps of life

bits of living-collages reflect her face, she lowers the light

and draws into the night owning all she carries.

Mary Strong Jackson

October 2012


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