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Can’t Go Wrong With Stars   Leave a comment

she doesn’t care much anymore
how far her limbs
stretch ‘round the world

she just wants
what can’t go wrong
so she swallows stars whole
and reminds how many nights
get dark how many times stars
give no reasons for being

she can’t go wrong with stars

Mary Strong Jackson
January 2013


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In Black   Leave a comment

Raven in black dress
picks up spilled french fries on Thursday
half a sandwich that missed the bin on Friday

a red scarf would be striking around her neck
any color really
but she’s come to terms
with this scavenge
for food in the same dress
without scarf

and the two-footed
hops of hope
she can’t contain

Mary Strong Jackson

Standing   Leave a comment


My father lies naked on the floor
I can’t lift him
I call my brother
my brother can barely stand this

I consider the portals
he longs to slip through
I cover my father with a blanket

his body once lifted whole roads
fists swung and pushed and cussed

my brother’s feelings hover over the three of us
fragmented drone missiles
wanting to shoot, not knowing the target

we try to help my father stand
years of shoving, shoveling, evading took his strength
I want to stretch my legs into a sunset

my brother can barely stand this work
I pull underwear up our father’s legs
ask him to lean one way
tell my brother to pull
the other side of the underwear

my brother can barely
stand this work

I call 911 to help us raise
our father, lift him, toss him in the air,
put him in bed, spoon sweet food
in his mouth

“We can’t keep doing this,”
my brother says

Mary Strong Jackson

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