Lay Back the Love   Leave a comment

a woman falls fast for the man
whispering Whitman in her ear
not like the men around her truck driving father’s house
her hard drinking uncles

she loves the way his mouth moves when he sings the body electric
love hides slight twitches of sorrow
deep under lines of Whitman
her gut quickens with quivers of doubt
she tucks them where red flags fold
and store in unlit rooms down dark hallways

the man leans across Whitman’s words
to nuzzle her soft underarm

will she ever lay back love to be examined
skin it so every equivocal part lay shuddering in the open
before sliding deep to the place
where poems stop coming and muck thickens

Mary Strong Jackson


Posted May 8, 2013 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Uncategorized

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