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“What are you doing?” the man calls
“Sitting on the couch drinking coffee”

but the truth –
my dead mother is rubbing my back, braiding my wet
hair tight I will let it dry and then unbraid
her work let the waves flow
put on the dungarees my navy brother sent
the pants mother sewed a paisley purple strip
to make them longer then hoop earrings
I have plans

It takes too long to answer
from another dimension
too hard to tell the man calling
that I am a dream
if I start to tell parts I’ll blur
may become another person rooms of my house
another house
he’s sleepy with Sunday morning
and I am skating at the shallow end or is it the deep
was it once simpler or is that a looking-back thing
we swam at The Pits where water held us up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     we swam with dogs

lost in parts I never thought would happen what ifs yeah-buts
mixed with no regrets
“Does that make sense” I would have to say to the man
and he would so “no” and then the time the time to unexplain

all the while tiny claws of hummingbirds
could be sitting, sucking sugar water
I must wash the feeder, bring it to this year’s spring

What am I doing?

mixing tomorrow’s workday worries
with how many years left
building a life of wooden stairs
with only so many steps some new some weak
much seems like a dream
but it isn’t

the coffee cup has a chip
and the 10 year old puppy’s
arthritis makes her shrink
like my big father
before my eyes before his death

“Just sitting, drinking coffee”


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