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that’s not this poem
this is the one with
dogs on the bed
cornbread with too crisp edges
this one isn’t young
or fresh-faced
it’s cold in an October house
that hasn’t got the heat on yet
there’s time for that
this is a hold-out-as-long-as-you-can poem
and sometimes you get hot coffee with cream
and sometimes hot water
with yesterday’s tea bag

that’s not this poem
that’s the one that Howls
to make people famous
or turns into a song
and saves the day
this one is the lost-
trampled-on-by-skittish-mice poem
with messy memories
and mixed metaphors

this is the one read
in a cold theatre at open mic
at Teatro Paraguas
with a sore throat
for tomorrow’s work
that comes with a stiff neck

that’s not this poem
this poem is this day
with curves and feet
and shallow places
where tadpoles become frogs
and the small of the back
shows its gorgeous arch
and your grandfather’s ears grow long
as his words disappear
this poem is about shedding
and storing and sleeping
and birthing

that other poem was yesterday


let me try once more

that other poem
slips in with old rhymes
but it’s a different day
or different 100 years ago
what does it matter
it’s the poem of this setting
of this seat in these shoes
with a particular floor under
the heels and toes
each toe is its own poem
but not the poem of yesterday
not the same fleshy words
a moving river
each part heading the same way
but never the same drop of poem

that was another poem
another day
another river
not the same poem
do hear what I’m rhyming here
one day with the next
but not in the same poem
I’m trying to tell you
not about that other poem
that different woman
but this one
here now

Mary Strong Jackson
October 6, 2013


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