Swimming with a Manatee   2 comments

reminds me of cocoons and caterpillars
of promises without words from my mother
that she was mine always

manatees remind me not to run with scissors
through hollows and hideaways
under canopies of canaries
or against a field of sunflowers leaning
to the sun then back again

manatees remind me of babies
swaddled in blankets
while thunder thunders
and lightning strikes
still they suckle
above and below the sea
stopping mid-drink
in one-second pauses
to listen

manatees remind of a time
when my arms were fins
my feet a broad flipper
when I hung in a dead man’s float
and my hair drifted like a halo
around my head

Mary Strong Jackson
February 7, 2014


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2 responses to “Swimming with a Manatee

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  1. oh cousin you can write. Sue


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