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blue betty love

As my friend Ella asked me other day, “Who ARE the four mad travelers anyway? I know two of them,” I thought I would shed some light on who, in fact, we are (or what we are, for that matter). There is the gemini and the German. And then there is – let’s call her – the op-shop dancer (you will see later why that makes TOTAL sense, I promise). That makes three. The fourth one, sadly, dropped out last minute. Actually, no, what am I saying? We are still four, of course, counting Betty. How could we forget her? Without BB there would be no trip. Now back to packing and getting ready – less than 24 hours before we hit the road, Jack!

kat uspide down The German (Kat)

IMG_5539 The Gemini (Glenn)

IMG_4260 The Op-Shop Dancer (Em)

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