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Blue Betty still coasting along!

blue betty love

After two hours of more or less comfortable sleep in pulled-over Betty on I-70 in Topeka, KS (at this point they had to make time, there was no toodeling around anymore), they went for the Starbucks fix. I-70 brought them right into Missouri. Rain almost all the way, that’s what Kat calls Bielefeld weather, Bielefeld being the name of the German town where she grew up – you get the picture. By the time they crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois, Betty had driven 1,100 miles in less than 30 hours and was ready for a well-deserved break.


They stayed with Glenn’s family in the tiny village of Elsah, IL (population 130), a peculiar place where Glenn spent much of his youth. While Em was indulging in pre-war clothing that Glenn’s mom Inge had pulled out of her attic, she was experiencing several orgasmic moments, trying on garments her…

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