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When the Old Worry   Leave a comment

she goes outside to see if anyone is coming
and every time she goes, the dog rises with her
weather is let in time and again
she goes out into the light
she goes out in darkness

to see if anyone is coming

she knows two things for sure – different animals hunt at night
hearts loosen in the chest when the sun drops

she hears scratching at her door
and opens it to see who’s come
it’s the dog or sometimes the calico cat
but she knows it might be miners clawing their
way to breath or that father of three delivering pizza
she hears his children singing for their supper
he hears them too
she sees it in his eyes

she goes out to see how faraway tomorrow is
to wonder what dreams will come
coyotes’ howls crawl her spine
she waits till shivers make her cross
back inside across the doorway
worn shiny by worry
looking first to see

if anyone is coming

each morning she looks for someone
then at the hill across the way
to see if its top is boiling
to see if lava runs down the hillside
though it never has, but she checks
because she feels heat rising up her legs

Mary Strong Jackson
June 2014
Inuit – “To go outside to check if anyone is coming.”


Torschlusspanik   Leave a comment

years I lived without ravens
without their reminders
to ignore cautions
just release my lungs
ease that nameless pining
that worries for answers
and forgets to fly with questions

once a teacher
gave me a book
with the lines,
“Make no mistake. Everything
in the mind is in rat’s country.
It doesn’t die…you will only find
bits and cry out
because they were yourself.”

but what of the bits
I never find
the animal places I’ll never live
the lines in books no one shows me

how will I live with only one life
and this gate-closing panic

Mary Strong Jackson

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