While Away the Hours   1 comment

While I swam with a manatee
While I touched the ancient back
While Florida’s sun shone on my legs
While it was February
While in NYC Philip in February
Put a needle to his arm

While I walked two dogs
While Santa Fe sun shone on my scalp
While I worried monies through my mind
While I wondered the rest of my years
While in California Robin in August
Put a rope around his neck

While once a man without money or fame
While I sat drinking coffee
Told me of research and practice
Of tying knots in rope
To hang from a rafter
While an I-Beam would also work

While I swallowed the coffee
While the man kept the noose near
for comfort of owning a way out
While another man decided to use a knife
While he didn’t die
While an old woman hung herself

While they cut her down
While fingernail marks covered
her neck above rope mark
While she was tall
with a long soft neck

Mary Strong Jackson


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  1. very strong yey very toughing


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