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Figuring Out the Next 10 Years   Leave a comment

I met a man
I was restless
He was sad
I gave him my restless mind
He said we could just be friends
I sighed with relief
I saw him every day at work
We frosted a sheet cake
Our knives touched
I like you a lot he said
Me too I said
I cried and cried
And thought someday
I’ll know how this turns out
Now I know
Now I want to know how more things will turn out
Turn out is a funny way to put it
Like one day you don’t know what your shirt looks like on the inside
And then a few years later you put it on
Inside-Out and then you know and wondered why
You couldn’t just let things unfold and wait for that inside-out-day
Instead of wondering and worrying all those endless days and nights

Mary Strong Jackson November 2, 2014


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Nebraska   Leave a comment

Mirage Flats stretches below the pause of horse hooves
And the massage of leaping landing antelope
Airy dust adds ruby, topaz, and sapphire to night skies
This is the place where sunset murals reach as long as forever
This is the season mother warns away the tanned skin
And muscled arms of combine crew boys
Where heat rises off asphalt roads
Makes mirages appear like watery places between harems
This is the moment the mind stretches
Across the broad back of the plains

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