Figuring Out the Next 10 Years   Leave a comment

I met a man
I was restless
He was sad
I gave him my restless mind
He said we could just be friends
I sighed with relief
I saw him every day at work
We frosted a sheet cake
Our knives touched
I like you a lot he said
Me too I said
I cried and cried
And thought someday
I’ll know how this turns out
Now I know
Now I want to know how more things will turn out
Turn out is a funny way to put it
Like one day you don’t know what your shirt looks like on the inside
And then a few years later you put it on
Inside-Out and then you know and wondered why
You couldn’t just let things unfold and wait for that inside-out-day
Instead of wondering and worrying all those endless days and nights

Mary Strong Jackson November 2, 2014


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