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a man on the mat exhales molecules
of all his inhalations – oak leaf,
labrador, pea soup, his father’s aftershave,
the woman next to him –
shiny smells of her horse’s sweat,
baby’s just-washed hair, rotted wood
of a fallen tree, salty ocean air,
and on it goes until the room
is filled with everything

names don’t matter
faces and bodies are familiar
perfect in their flawed selves

they bring sensitive sturdy bones
that have walked into wind
bones of neck and spine
that turn again and again to see what’s next
in this day, in this life, curious as the cat

balls and boobs in glorious roundness
flat butts, painted toes, uneven shoulders
still their child-bodies
show transparent in earnest yearnings

a night of down dogs
and the beloved shivasana
the sanscrit word that means “little death”
lie on your back in the dark
let 75 minutes or 75 years
lift and rise
taking the call of time, heavy limbs,
and lapsed wishes

leaving light limbs
to wrap around all fresh
and ancient dreams

Mary Strong Jackson


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