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I learned that an article of clothing
worn 100 years ago –
say a burgundy dress with a handsome
beaded neckline worn to a dance
and the woman wearing it
moved in a splendid reckless way
and soon moisture dotted her temples
and armpits –
the dress discovered 100 years later
never lost the imprint of the woman’s body
and sweat from her delicious dance
continues to oxidize metallic thread
and alter the molecular structure of the fabric

this is true of clothing
and true to me is that my daughter
is like the beaded burgundy
and what grows inside
now imprints her womb forever

I peer into my cheap phone
wanting to make the sonogram photo larger
no doubt there are two sacs
with borders as if enhanced by an artist
each with a tiny something
a seed, a snail, unfurling leaves?
I look hard as if they will relay mystery
as if their tiny book of cells
developing faster than I can read
will be visible with secrets and hopes

I am 2 degrees and 1300 miles away

I am changed


Mary Strong Jackson


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