Alice   2 comments

I’ve grown attached to my middle name
like waking one morning to love
limburger cheese no one else cares

but the way the name slides
soft as a dream out of slumber
the way if you called it
through the woods

it would slip over leaves
with nary a rustle “Oh, Alice”
and wouldn’t move the monkey hair
on a newborn’s back

a barely used name except by
twin Aunts, Leota and Leona, (Odie and Onie)
now it seems a shame to waste
to let it go uncalled upon

never to know if it’s a gifted urchin
or a lazy imp too late for a lot of things
too late to be an Alice now
what does one do with a keepsake moniker?

I once knew a boy                                                                                                                                                       named all his pets “Blackie Charming Billy”
tomorrow I’ll get a girl cat
because I’ve never had one
and call her Alice

Mary (Alice) Strong Jackson
July 2015


Posted August 30, 2015 by strongjacksonpoet54 in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Alice

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  1. Love it. Imagines are so real. My confirmation name is Alice. Mother and Aunt Ruth tried to convince me there was a St. Alice so this would be my confirmation name. Is there a saint named Alice? I don’t know but…one of them decided I should use Grandma’s name. Thanks for writing and sharing.


    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your comment. There must be a St. Alice if you used it for confirmation, but who knows. I appreciate that you read my work. This wordpress blog is making me crazy trying to post poems. It’s not set up for the formatting, and I just realized that one line is over to the way right of the rest of the poem. Geez! I need my own computer guru to keep things straight. I hope you are feeling better. Allergies are a pain, and seem to be getting worse for many people. take care. Mary


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