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What Preemie Twins Are Made Of   Leave a comment


his brown hair was woven
by a mama silkworm as she told
bedtime stories of little boys counting stars
and little girls talking to caterpillars

her reddish-blond fuzz comes from inside
the rose petal and the skin of a peach
rubbed together and smoothed across
her head and behind her ears

their skin was made of mother’s sighs
and father’s eyelashes mixed with clouds
raindrops and dropped feathers
of baby parakeets

noses come from the potter’s hands
while she thinks of whales’s backs
and ladybug curves and then imagines
every tiny nose ever made

snails and moon and waves
and curving sand shape tiny
ears until each one rolls
out unlike any other

a velvet bow? a dollop of cream?
these mouths - softer and more precious -
are placed on twin faces by kisses
from a fairy-god made of chiffon

the eyes come from shades of river rocks
light of sunflowers, darkest walnuts
carried by the blackest squirrels
under the bluest summer skies

their smallest cries make milk drip
coyotes’ howl and stars fall
from the sky in magic

Mary Strong Jackson for Alex and May
September 29, 2015


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