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Feeding the Twins

for Alex and Mya


their bodies barely longer than a good-sized fish

sit in high chairs where their fat feet

flutter below while plump palms

pat their trays to the tune

of “Caterpillar, Caterpillar, tickle, tickle on my arm”


I pinch a piece of buttery pumpernickel toast

top it with a tiny bit of egg   poke it in their open mouths

baby birds in high chairs

their mouths and my buttered  fingers meet

with a sense of each other        the way my grandmother’s


wrinkled cheek felt against my lips

their mouth-sounds ignite ancient instincts

to feed small ones   to feed each other

with our fingers to know the shape of another’s lips

the  inside of another’s mouth


no matter if a mother walked on all fours

no matter if the first lovers ate off flat stones

at some moment  they offered

nuts or marrow placed into the other’s mouth

with fingers slick on soft lips


Mary Strong Jackson

July 28, 2016







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