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Something Has To Die for Something Else to Live   3 comments



will it be the dream that dies

a dream so old it’s become the hardness of the bones

letting go          leaves a spot        a space

of heart-sized vast expanse      opened with goodbyes


so the next dreamer

of hummingbirds that cradle into an open spot

flash their necks at dawn

beat their wings in tranquil turbulence

can breathe ideas into bone


it’s about love not lack of



sunlit swallows catch drops of water tossed

into the air by a churning river

a river that gathers and carries

gives and takes


this is about light not lack of


something has to live

paint from the last painter’s brush

rhymes from another poet’s tongue

dreams from another dreamer’s life


from mountain snow

melting in sunlight

giving water to a river that gathers and carries

gathers what becomes

the hardness in the bone


carries dreams      that won’t die

Mary Strong Jackson



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