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give me your huddled masses, tired and poor,

from under bridges, in soup kitchens,

in shelters, sleeping in cars,

give me the billionaires building

their excess like Easter Island chiefs

big, bigger, biggest


America the beautiful

I have a dream


68 year old veteran shot in his home

by police “I’m OK. I didn’t call you. Please leave me alone”

audio recorded by his medical alert gadget

police called him nigger before they killed him


Bobby Kennedy visited Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota

his plane landed in my town     closest airport to the rez

I touched his elbow over the chain link fence

Roger Mudd helped my cousin to her feet when the fence fell


Mom said    dirt    soft as powder

felt good under bare feet coming up between toes

congress knew of the man-made dust bowl

the deaths

but acted only after the black day

when dust blew across states

darkened the windows of the capital

as Hugh Bennett gave his plea

for the people from the plains                                                 24

at school we crouched, hid, feared the Russians

mom said their leaders lie to their people


Mom was 11 when Guthrie strummed his machine that kills fascists

singing    “This Land was Made for You and Me”

we sang it at the Assumption Academy

and sang “how many times must a white dove sail

before she can rest in the sand

yes’n how many times must the cannon balls fly

before they’re forever banned”?


just wanted a buzz bike like everyone else

Gulf of Tonkin-lie to invade Vietnam

flag-covered caskets on every night’s news

Weapons of Mass Destruction-lie to invade Iraq

no caskets on any news


Karla Faye Baker accepts Jesus into her heart

like George Bush who made June 10th  “Jesus Day” in Texas

where he put Karla to death

so as to give equal rights to women


a child waves to the soldier in Iraq

a text comes across from his Dad

“Patty has five new puppies”

the soldier smiles                                                                                             25

tips his combat helmet over his face



ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy

ashes to ashes we all fall down


Charlie Rose interviewed Steven Pinker

whose research says the world is less violent

masses of violent voyeurs

watch 24 hour news-entertainment

and elect Donald Trump


Mary Strong Jackson


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