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Elli Drops Thor to One Knee   Leave a comment

Elli drops by for tea in a tank top

bragging of dropping Thor to one knee

flexing her muscles as a threat


Crone stares into Elli’s rheumy eyes,

“Even gods are aging losers.

One might think you’d weary of winning

when each conquest requires owning

one’s own whys. It’s a sort

of sorrow of its own, winning is.”


Elli sneers

veins pop from her neck

down the back of her wiry hands

red lipstick bleeds into her wrinkled lip


Crone wraps her own strong arms

around Elli, “Lets embrace time

until we call the hour of our final bout.”



Mary Strong Jackson


Posted July 29, 2017 by strongjacksonpoet54 in My Poetry etc.

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